Yesterday. Emma lost her 7th tooth. Not quite as exciting as the first but, there is still the potential for cash. She had lots of questions regarding the tooth fairy. I fear the days of believing in fairies, elves and giant rabbits bearing candy are soon going to be a thing of the past. Emma relayed a conversation she had with a classmate regarding the existence of the Tooth Fairy. It was explained to Emma that the Tooth Fairy was not real. She was told that it was not possible for a fairy to sneak into your home and take your tooth. The classmate in question, also called into attention the fact that fairy or no, that is a lot of baby teeth to gather. After what appeared to be a very difficult conversation for Emma she stated most firmly, "I believe in the Tooth Fairy!" I was glad that at least for now we still believed.

Then last night she showed me what she had done. Emma felt a need to praise the tooth fairy and her efforts, so she left her a note along with the tooth. It said:

Dear Tooth Fare,
You need this ledr.
you have a big job.
it mit be hard but I be live in you.

P.S. pleas rite back.

How sweet is that! Sometimes I cannot believe that she is the same girl who picks fights with me. Perhaps, I need to give her cash when that happens? I digress. This morning Emma woke, grouchy as ever, until the money was discovered. At which time her mood brightened considerably, go figure? She brought the note she wrote, along with the tooth and the note the Tooth Fairy wrote to her, down to breakfast. During breakfast she and Jack talked cordially to one another, a rarity, discussing the note the Tooth Fairy wrote. The Tooth Fairy was nice enough to leave Emma her tooth and the money. The brief note said.

Thank you Emma for being so Nice.
I am glad you believe in me.
I love you.
The Tooth Fairy.

Jack stated that he thought the Tooth Fairy was certainly nice for letting Emma keep her tooth, something he pointed out, she had not let him do. (sigh) Emma agreed with Jack and stated most enthusiastically. "The Tooth Fairy sure is nice! I didn't know she was such a good Speller!"
As compliments go you can't ask for better.
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