The other day in the car Emma and Jack were having a discussion about the color of their tongues. It went something like this.
"What color is my tongue, Jack?" inquires Emma.
"Reddish-Purple." was Jacks reply.
"Let me see your tongue." Emma asked.
"Why?" Jack asked.
"Because my friends say that if your lying your tongue turns white. And if you are telling the truth you tongue is normal color." Emma explains.
"Mom. Is that true?" Jack asked.
"I don't believe I have ever heard that before." I replied.
Jack counters with, "My friend told me that if you lie you don't see in color anymore."
Emma chimes in, "That's not true. I lie all the time and I still see in color."
"WHAT!!" I exclaim.
"What I mean is that when I do sometimes, but not often lie, I still see color."
Hmm! I see.

Funny how things seem to work out. Sunday at Mark's soccer game I overheard another conversation about lies.
Jack was playing Monopoly with a new friend. (great game for a weekend full of soccer) Jack asked his friend a question and his friend replied.
"Jack, you know I always lie. They aren't big lies, of course. Only tiny white lies."
"It's still a lie." Jack rebuttals.
"No, white lies are really, really, really small. Only the size of an atom really. They don't count" states his friend.
"It's still a lie." Jack continues.
"White lies don't hurt anyone." his friend continues to argue.
"It is still a lie." Jack goes on to state. "So, if you have one Big Black Dog and one Little White Dog. Your telling me because the white dog is little it is not a dog."
And for once his friend didn't have and answer. But don't worry Emma did.
She chimes in with,
"See! So, you better not tell lies because your tongue will turn white."
I see. I have more work to do than I thought.

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