SUPER-MOM or Super-crazy

Last night I struggled with homework, dinner, unpacking and playing single mom. Emma was watching The Incredibles. Jack was trying to finish up homework. Mark was succeeding masterfully in distracting Jack from said homework. Just when I thought I would go insane this scene from the movie pops up. Helen calls Bob at the office, while bathing Jack-Jack in the sink. (typical super-mom multi-tasking abilities aside.) And she says...

Helen: I'm calling to celebrate a momentous occasion. We are now *officially* moved in.
Bob: That's great, honey. And the last three years don't count because...
Helen: Because I finally unpacked the last box. Now it's official! Ha ha ha! Why do we have so much junk?

I just could help feeling a special kinship with Helen. Which I felt was entirely too funny because I laughed and Laughed and LAUGHED. Finally, I can relate with someone and she is an animated super-hero! My life is crazy. And apparently so am I if the looks I got from my children are any indication.
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