The picture i was going to post

The latest of my Halloween quilts is finished. Number 7 of heap of quilts I have made since moving here to South Carolina. It turned out really nicely. The Halloween prints are artfully shown. The oranges and blacks are pleasantly arranged to make a lovely pattern over and above the pattern of the blocks. I took lots of pictures to show you how nicely. However, my computer is current boycotting iphoto. I mean iphoto loads. It shows me all the files. It even shows me the number and megapixil for every photo. There is a tiny little square, which I suppose represents the photo, yet in the square is a giant "i" Not one picture is loading up. Nothing, Nada, Zippo. Instead of showing you a cute little picture of my latest quilt, you get babbling, furry of words expressing my deep resentment of technology failing me once again.
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