Moving In

Is it over yet?
Can I come out from my hidey-hole?
I feel as though I have just been through a battle. This past week, I was sure I had thoroughly ticked someone off and was being forced to fight to the death. Moving just is so stressful and at times painful. It is somewhere in the top 5 most stressful events that can occur in your life. Next to childbirth, planning a wedding, death of a loved one and starting a new job. In perspective it is a relatively simple thing. Considering I didn't have to pack or actually move the boxes I am quite lucky. I only have the unpacking to do. But boy am I sore! I am sure some of my muscles haven't seen this much activity in ages. I am keeping a positive outlook and see it as "training" for when I can operate my quilting machine once again. Assuming of course, that I can find it.

Here is my soon to be, place of employment. This fuzzy picture calls to mind an "I spy" book or quilt. Let's see how good you are...I spy a Quilt, a sewing machine, a TV and some boxes. Can you find the sewing basket, the fabric and the foxes. (Okay so there are no foxes. I couldn't come up with a rhyme.) I took a couple of cell phone pictures this week and I thought I share.

Here is the unloading of the 1st, yes, I said first, truck load. This load came from El Paso via a couple of months in Charlotte. The inventory alone was enough to boggle the mind. Thank goodness I had help!

Here are the fellas that brought in my new washer and dryer. (Yes! I could hardly believe it myself. After 16 years of marriage, my first new set. Holy Cow!) Here they are carrying the dryer, observant aren't I. These guys had the most unusual harness contraption for carrying the appliances in. I had never seen anything quite like it, so of course I took their picture.

Basically the rest of the house is one Gigantic stack of boxes. We have unpacked over 100 boxes yet there are at least 2x that many left. Perhaps they breed? I am fortunate that in the first 100 we found clothing, food and my sewing machine. Must have our priorities. I had hoped to continue unpacking this week while my helpers were in school, yet once again life got in the way. For now I am back to wiping noses, helping with homework and driving to practices.

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