yet, another plaid quilt

I know this may sound a bit redundant but I have finished yet again another quilt. And yes, before you asks it has plaid in it. Oddly enough it is called Checkerboard Square. I pulled the pattern from the one and only quilting magazine I brought with me from El Paso, February 2009 American Patchwork & Quilting This quilt just sort of tumbled into my lap. I am not sure when I decided to make this, it just sort of happened. It was much like changing your mind at the last minute. I was planning what I was going to do next. Imagining how much I would have to buy to do whatever it was, funny how I cannot even remember what it was now. Then this quilt just popped out at me and I thought "Hey, I think I have enough in my stash to make this quilt. Then I won't have to buy anything." I thought I was being so ingenious.

The quilt required two types of plaid, dark blue and black and a dark black plaid and assorted brights. Well, while I did have the brights required, I did not have any dark plaids. (I believe I mentioned my obsessive use of them lately.) It's OK I thought I have plenty of fabric! HA. Weeks went by and I would pull out this and that, set it out, like it, then hate it, then try something new. Finally, I decided I would have to buy something. Funny how that works isn't it. I searched and searched and searched. I could not find the fabric I wanted! Plaid is apparently not an "in" thing, not that you can tell from my quilting. I resorted to ordering online. I hate to order online fabric. Half of the enjoyment of picking out fabric is being able to touch it, feel it, roll it between your fingers and enjoy it. Buying it online is so impersonal, so sensory depriving. I sucked it up and ordered two plaids. Well, when they arrived I was SO NOT happy with the look of the two together. Imagine that. The colors on my monitor were not true to the fabric, another disadvantage to online buying, I might add. What to do? Should I buy yet another fabric? Is it worth dragging three kids to the fabric store? Why do the quilting Gods taunt me so? It was then I realized that the back of the plaid had a different look than the front. That's IT! It just might work. The contrast is subtle. Depending on the light it is difficult to tell, but it looks like a similar yet entirely different fabric. Genius I tell you! I'll admit, until the end when the quilt was complete, I was unsure if it would work. I asked anyone who I could drag over to the desk, "What do you think? You think this enough of a contrast?" While my survey was a bit limited, and only Ginger really had an opinion, I went ahead. Onward!! And I am proud to say It worked! Yahoo! And I hardly had to buy anything! Genius. I know.
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