Yesterday the family set out to explore Dreaher Island State Park. It was a short 45 minute drive over to the other side of Lake Murray but well worth it. The Island is actually several Islands that are linked together. There is camping, hiking and boating available so this makes it a great place for a potential weekend getaway. We drove around and explored the park. After a brief stop at the information center for a map we decided to explore the campground. The campground is beautiful full of large mature trees and right on the water. BEAUTIFUL! We found an empty campsite and decided to let everyone explore. The kids, being kids, headed straight for the water. Mark dug out the fishing gear and promptly got his line tangled in some driftwood. Jack and Emma began gathering sticks for some imaginary structure. It was a humid day but the breeze off of the lake made it almost tolerable. The kids were having a great time. Mark picked up a rock the size of his head and chucked it into the lake. John immediately scolded him at the unnecessary size of his rock, not to mention he through it right by where Emma was standing. Not two seconds, later Jack picks up another large rock and chucks it. John says something like, "Jack I just told Mark not to do that!" To which Jack replies, "I didn't know you meant me too?" John gives Jack a look of disappointment and exclaims, "Jack just because Mark does something does not mean that you should to it." It was then that he pulled out the old, "If Mark jumped off a bridge would you do it." Jack thought for a while and then said, "Well, Dad. It would depend how high up the bridge was and if Mark survived the jump." At least he would think about it first.
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