Life's A Beach!

One of the things on our "to do" list this week was to head down to the beach. South Carolina offers a plethora of beaches, actually the entire east side of the state, amazing. Charleston is only 2 hours from us and it came highly recommended. Wednesday morning we all headed off for Folly's Beach. The kids were super excited, as was the case most of the week. It took every ounce of patience to get us there, but we did make it.

We arrived at high tide which made beach space highly prized. But within an hour or two the beach was opening and the shells were plentiful.

The ocean is so beautiful and I love the sound of the waves and the wind. I discovered that the beach, even with hundreds of people around you, is very peaceful and therapeutic. The sounds of the waves completely drowned out the kids screeching, yelling and whining. While the ocean did a fair job of eliminating the fighting. There was much to do and the kids, and even the adults had a great time.
It was highly frustrating to two-year-old John to discover that the ocean was quite "yucky."

After a full day of building sandcastles, body surfing, searching for shells and consuming large quantities of salt water we headed back. It was wonderful!

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