Lists are great if you need them. I am forever making lists, which then I loose, misplace or generally disregard. I am that person who is at the grocery store trying to remember where the list is and what it might have on it. I often find myself returning home, only to find the item that I went to the store to buy I have forgotten. My lists often turn up in the most unlikely places, in my pants pockets, the washer, the dryer, the floor of the car, the bottom of my purse. I have even pulled a list out of the receipt file in the file cabinet. (My filing is entirely another story.) Therefore, I have a huge appreciation for people who can use lists efficiently.

John is a prime example of someone who utilizes lists to their full potential. I admire the way he not only writes things down, but will keep tabs on "the list" for weeks until it is completed. If he ever forgets his list he will call me and say something like,"I need the number of such-and-such. It is on the back of the shell gas receipt, in the top drawer of the desk, next to the stapler." (no lie, true story) I am very envious of the feeling one must get when checking off a list. It must be a great sense of accomplishment to cross through a task and know it is completed. I am not sure why I have such a problem with lists. I guess it is just the free spirit in me that has difficulty with lists. Or it could be the fact that I have three kids, or that I am getting older. Naw, defiantly the free-spirit thing.

I must on some level have the need for "checks" in my life. I have completed yet another quilt and started on a fifth. I was looking over my last three quilts and I began to see a theme. They all have check or plaid fabric. Hmm. Perhaps, my subconscious is trying to tell me something. Perhaps, there is some greater sense of purpose that comes from "checking" off the next quilt. Perhaps, feel the need to "check" off new skills, new fabrics or new patterns. Perhaps, I am going slowly insane and have developed OCD and I can only work with "checks." I am not sure of the reason but, I believe it is time to buy some solids.

This quilt which is again from the book Quick Cut Quilts, is entitled, oddly enough, Checkerboard Plaid.

Complete Quilt-Check

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