Color Mosaic (A rainbow of fruit flavors)

Another Color Mosaic challenge from my Color Intensive Class.  This time we were challenged to make a Rainbow Mosaic.  Seemed simple enough of a task.  Would you believe it took me over 90 minutes to make 2 simple mosaics!  We were told choose our fabric selections from Pink Chalk fabrics.  Boy do they have a large selection!  Simple task. Ha!

When I think rainbow I think of the cute little semicircular shapes that I drew when I was in elementary school.  When we had 10 or so colors to choose from in our box of crayons the task was simple.  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple.  Even with the big box of Crayola 64 it wasn't a difficult task.

Somehow when you transform those colors into fabric, give them texture, patterns, designs, it befuddles my mind.  I did manage to finally come up with 2 mosaics although I cannot say that they are the best representation of a rainbow.  What is truly amazing is that when all of the students post their mosaics onto the blog, all of the rainbows are beautiful, and they are all different.  Sure some of the fabric choices overlap but just like in nature, never are their two that are the same.

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