Color Combo Project.

This weeks Color Intensive Project was to create a tote bag with either complementary or analogous colors.  (Okay, technically it was last weeks project but I'm moving a little slower than usual)  I have been struggling with my choices.  I even went to the fabric store to pick up a few fat quarters thinking that would help.  It did help, more with my mood than with the actual project but perhaps that's a story for another day.  :)

I have two choices both of which I like, but then also don't like. Perhaps I am not doing to well with commitment this month.

The first is my analogous color scheme.

I received this print in a scrap bag I ordered sometime last year or the year before.  I really like the print and the colors I just have never found the right project to use it in.  Could this be the one?

The second color scheme is my Complementary colors.

For this combination I tried to pick out a print that had several different colors to work with.  The main color in this fabric being this yellow-orange.  I have this trim that I love and want to use which doesn't work at all with the analogous color scheme but works fairly well with this print.  The teal looks nice with print but isn't complementary to the yellow. Although the teal does complement the red in the print.  The green is complementary to the orange in the print but not so much with the yellow.

Either way I am not "in love" with either selection.  Perhaps it is time to dive back into my fabric stash or better yet head out to the store. I believe I am in need of a few more fat quarters.

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