Color me confused.

I love color!  I mean who doesn't?  Can you imagine seeing only in shades of gray?  How ordinary every thing must look. Very blah indeed.  The thing is I am not aways very good when I mix colors.  I took several art classes when I was in High School and College, but never took a class specifically on color.  Sure their was the color wheel, primary, secondary and tertiary colors.  I get that.

When I paint and draw the colors can easily be blended, mixed or completely covered to get exactly what I want.   But when it comes to fabric sometimes I'll admit, I am a mess. Fabric is not so easy to manipulate.  Once it is sewn, you get what you get.  And what I get is not always what I thought I would get or what I wanted.

So imagine my surprise when I saw Rachel at Stitched in Color was offering a class on Color.  Well color me happy!  Another chance to learn and grow as a 'fabric artist'.  And if it just happens that I might need to go purchase more fabric, well that is something I'll just have to live with.  I have taken a couple of her classes and they are always well planned, thought out and informative.

The Color intensive class started this week and our first assignment was to come up with a color mosaic that exemplifies "Spring."  Well, that turned out to be much harder than it sounds.  She sent us over to Fabricworm to choose fabric selections for our mosaic.  They have so many fabrics!  Overwhelming to say the least.

I selected, sorted, selected more, sorted more, threw some out, added some and came up with what I thought was a fair representation of spring.  Then when I added it to the hundred others over at Rachel's blog, I felt terribly adequate.  Is this really what spring looks like?  So I tried again.  Again, still just adequate.  If I were to make a quilt from these fabrics would I really think Springish or would I think Drizzly Rain Day?  I am not sure what to make of it.

Here are my two mosaics.


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