Sweater weather

Last week the Family and I took off for our annual camping adventure.  We, John and I used to camp more frequently, and then we had kids.  As many of you know kids come with stuff, lots of stuff.  Now when we camp we have 3 tents and 3 kids, a dog and 2 cars to haul it all in.  Camping is still an adventure, and the kids love it.  They look forward to our camping weekend every year.

This year we camped in Poinesett  State Park here in SC.  It was a beautiful park, with a pond for canoeing, hiking trails and beautiful campsites filled with large trees that held tons of Spanish moss.

The we hiked, canoed, fished, sat around the campfire, played horseshoes and ate a ton of smores. Yummy.

While out and enjoying the cooler weather, I finished this baby sweater.  Yes, I finally broke down and just ordered the darn toggle buttons.

I also knit up this adorable little shrug.   It is so fluffy.  My intent was for it to be for Emma, sadly I hardly ever check my gauge and thus it did not fit.  :(  So it will have to be for someone a bit smaller:)

I used this pattern or here. It was quick and simple.
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