B.C. vs. A.D.

Of all three of my kids, my middle child teases me the most.  He is quick witted with a great sense of humor.  Don't get me wrong, the teasing goes both ways.  We banter and jab at one another in good clean fun, which usually leaves us both giggling by the end.

 The other day he asked me what school was like when I was little.  I told him about checking out library books with out computers and bar codes.  I talked about the typing lab, not computer lab and we discussed the lack of cell phone and texting.  "How did we manage back then?" he wanted to know.  "Were you born in the dark ages?"  he asked jokingly.  "I mean you did have electricity back then? Right?" I said yes, that was AD not BC.  He joked and said, "I think you were born BC.  Before Computers"  He giggled and laughed himself silly at his own joke.  Then he proceeded and said,  "I guess that would make today, AD... After Digital."
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