Hi. I'm Kristin and I have a confession.  I hate binding quilts.  Okay, maybe hate is too strong of a word.  Strongly dislike perhaps would be better.  You see here is the thing.  I love the creative aspect of quilting.  The ideas that simmer just under the surface.  The ideas that have you waking in the middle of the night saying, "That's IT!"  The Ah-Ha! moment.  I love having the process unfold before me.  Watching my ideas come to life before my eyes is miraculous.

Binding a quilt holds none of this.  Binding a quilt is tedious, monotonous work best left for in front of the TV or sitting at a soccer game.  Somewhere, anywhere, where I am able to focus on something other than binding.  How much allure does repeatedly stabbing yourself in the finger, palm, leg really hold?  Truth be told I would much rather hand quilt than bind. (wait did I just say that OUT LOUD?)  At least hand quilting is creative. Binding, not so much.

Secretly, I have 2 of the 3 quilts bound AND put up for sale in my etsy shop. I had to take a break.  Enough is Enough.

I sat down and sewed up these 2 little baskets.  I used only scraps I had and I think the recipients will love them. This is a pattern from the Pink Penguin. One I have used before and return to often.

Unfortunately, since they now are finished, this means I have "time" I could be using to bind my last quilt. Wait what's that?  I think I hear my mom calling.
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