Now what?

WOW!  What a weekend.  I feel like I need a vacation! We kept ourselves busy traveling to the coast.  We had a beach day and then did fireworks.  We also had a Fishing day.  Both days were beautiful, calm and relaxing.  There is just something about the salt air at the beach that just oozes relaxation.

 Or perhaps it was just the wine.

 I took the hexagons along for the trip.  I have been working ever so steadily on them. I worked on them in the car, at the fireworks, on the boat and in a stadium.

But not on a box
or with a fox.

So you could say I have been sewing a bit.   I am making a good bit of progress.  Now the question is...What should I do with them?

Originally, I was going to use them to make a tote, because the pattern is for a small purse.  I don't really use smallish purses.

I think I can use small purses but sadly, I can't.  I try.  I really do.  But all my c@#p just doesn't fit.

Here is the pattern piece.  Kinda hard to tell but trust me I have about 1/2 of the hexagons sewn.

Now I that I am over the halfway point, I want to make the purse.  Perhaps it is just the compulsive type A in me wants to have a project finished.  However, the creative part of my brain says, 'we can come up with something better!'  Okay, but what?

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