Minecraft Pick-Ax Block.

Here is the graph for the Pick-ax block.

You will need.

24 teal blocks
15 sage
18 dark brown
10 Light brown
104 background blocks.

I cut mine to 1.25 inches. because I wanted a block size of roughly 10.5in to 11 in square (depending upon how close your seam allowance comes to a quarter of an inch). If you want your block smaller reduce the size of the blocks.  If you desire a pick-ax quilt make your blocks 2,  4 or 6 inch squares.

For the smaller sized blocks I recommend using graphic interfacing. I didn't the first time through and believe me that was TORTURE.  It will make keeping those tiny little blocks in order SO much easier. You can buy it at stores like Hancock, Jo-Ann and maybe even Hobby Lobby.  Or you can make your own.  I believe most of the interfacing you can purchase has a standard 1 inch grid.  If you need an alternate size you will have to make your own. Making your own is time consuming but if you can draw a straight line it is pretty simple.

If you choose not to use the interfacing lay out all your pieces first!  Nothing worse than getting half way through only to discover you switched two blocks and have to rip out tiny little seams.  I laid my block out on my ironing pad.  I have a small portable ironing pad that I use for most of my small pressing.  This pad worked great as a temporary design 'wall' of sorts, I could just pick up the entire block at once and not worry about little pieces being dropped or blown away.

Good luck and happy sewing.

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