Whew!  The last of the Holiday Decorations are finally put away.  The lights, the tree, the stockings and all of that accompanies Christmas is carefully tucked away.  Even the pine needles are vacuumed up of the floor, mostly.  I am not sure how they do it but a few of those seem to linger into February. :) The house always seems crowded with all of the Christmas things out but when they are all put away it appears a little less cheery around here.

Flipping though the Christmas photos I stumbled upon a kitchen towel and pot holder set I sewed up at the last minute.  I tend to get a bit worried as the holiday gets closer, so I wanted to have an extra gift whipped up just incase.  You'd be surprised how many times I have had to use them. They come in Handy!

I purchased the towels in a set of Three.  I only had enough fabric to make two christmas towels and pot holders in this print.  I used a tutorial I found online.  I love the internet! Just a quick search for Kitchen towel tutorials and WHAM!  100's of them at my disposal!

These towels have a holiday theme.  It is such a simple pattern, and there are simpler, and you have a great gift with a personal touch.  This is a project I am going to have to revisit!
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