Triangles, Trapezoids and Trepidation

This past week I have been revisiting a project I started last year at this time.  My Christmas Tree Skirt. I know I took pictures of my ideas and I thought I wrote a post about it but I cannot find it anywhere. Not a picture or a post!  Weird?

Regardless this has been my new work in progress.  I got this idea from a quilt pattern I saw in McCall's Quilting.  It was several years ago, the pattern was called Merry-go-round.  The quilter used 2.5 inch strips sewn together to cut out her triangle pieces.  When I saw the pattern I thought that the triangles would make beautiful Christmas trees.  Since I had been looking for an idea for a Christmas tree skirt I thought this the perfect opportunity to play.

Armed with piles and piles of green triangles I had cut out a year (or more) ago I started sorting.  My plan, as much as it was, was to make this a scrappy quilt project.  As I laid out options I decided it needed to be somewhat cohesive, yet scrappy.  Sewing together like triangles I ended up with a stack of   trapezoids.

Now what?

Now we play....
Not enough here for the size I need

Going for modern here. and Failing?

Still working on a modern setting.

Hmm. More traditional perhaps?

Sort of looks like a green snowflake?

I am sure this will resemble a tree skirt eventually, right?

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