Dog Bed Sewing.

Our Dog, Ginger has an attitude.  She doesn't like other dogs, or men.  She loves to chase and play with small animals, such as cats, squirrels, voles and rabbits.  She loves children and tolerates them well.  Basically she rules the roost, at least she thinks she does.  Last week I walked into my bedroom and found her lounging on my BED!  We have never ever allowed her to sleep with us.  She has a crate which she sleeps in at night.  She likes to take naps under our bed, or next to my side of the bed.  Not only did I find her on the bed but her long nails had snagged the  bed spread!  UGH!

I have several "practice quilts"  that I have laying around.  My definition of 'practice  quilts"-- a quilt I made with scraps, that is quilted with less than beautiful stitching, that is unbound.  I never know what to do with them.  They are not pretty, are usually and odd shape or size and the stitching is well, "just practice."  I had and idea swimming around in my brain.  I took some measurements and decided it just might  work.  I'll make a new dog bed for Ginger, perhaps then she will not need to sleep on  my bed.

I started with this quit that measured 32X64.  I squared it up, folded it in half and installed a heavy duty 22 inch plastic zipper along the long side.  Once the zipper was installed I sewed up the two remaining sides.  I measured and boxed the corners, and added a piece of 2 inch foam.

and TA-DA  Instant dog bed,  just add dog, wait and enjoy!

***For those of you wondering the bed frame does say "Rosie"  M and I made this when Rosie was alive and M was 9!  WoW!  Now it has a brand new look****
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