welcome to the 60's

Let me just Clue you in. I have been doing a bit of sewing lately.  However, not much of it has to do with quilting. Don't worry I have got it together. After having "the time of her life" sitting through the Hairspray production, Emma has decided to don her own "Hairspray" themed costume this Halloween.  But first, I needed a pattern.
I chose this Burda jumper pattern because of its drop waist and front pleat.  I went with this over the top polyester floral, which I must say it is Groovy!

Emma has been dancing around the house belting out tunes from the Hairspray soundtrack for the last week.    I'll just Lay it on you, Jack is about to Loose his Cool. I am afraid if she doesn't lay off, we might just have a rumble.

We picked up a belt and those "Hip" boots up at Justice.  Sure they are not exactly "go-go"boots but at least she can still wear them after this all goes down.

So let so, go, go of the past now
Say hello to the love in your heart
Yes, 1 know that the world's spinning fast now
You gotta get yourself a brand new start
Hey Mama, welcome to the 60's

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