Baby Quilt

One of the Teachers at the Elementary School is going to be a Grandma for the first time this February. She sent me an email a month ago and asked me if I would make her a quilt out of her son's old clothing.  She had saved 5 pieces of clothing, a cross stitch and a crib sheet for her someday grandchild.  She gave me the clothing and the crib sheet and said she wanted the clothing look like clothing.  Basically she didn't want me to cut up the clothing to the extent that it was unrecognizable.

Since the crib sheet was green gingham I added blue, yellow and red gingham to the quilt to tie it together with the baby clothes.

I took the pockets from the vest and the plaid jacket and turned them into corners for the exterior border.  I left the sleeper fronts snapped together when I cut them out and included the collars to make them look like sleepers.  (let me tell you it is not easy to quilt around a collar!)

For the final touch I created a bow tie, the original having been lost, to finish off the Easter outfit.  How precious!  This is going to be one lucky grand-baby.  Now she just has to Wait.

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