Journal Covers--A curves project

A Blog is a type of journal, a very public view of the thoughts, ideas and feelings that are floating around in your head and through your life.  There is lots of debate among bloggers about the amount of information the writer should openly share.  I'll admit, while I do post quite a bit of personal information, I do consider how much I share.  The internet does make it all to easy for information to get into the wrong hands.

For that reason there is just no replacement for the good ol' fashion journal. While many journals are sold with fancy leather, cloth or decorated covers, some are as simple as a wire bound notebook or an inexpensive composition book.

My latest curves class solved the problem of an inexpensive journal with The Mod Bud Journal. (yes, another curves project.  There are far to many cute projects in this class to even think about leaving one out!)  With the end of the school year coming just 4 weeks away, (how did that happen?) I thought this would be a wonderful gift for the teachers.

I have been making end of the year teacher gifts for at least 4 years now and I think this is a great way to let the teachers know just how much you appreciate them. Nothing says "thank you" like a personally made gift. I made up four journal covers with fabric I already had in my stash.  (Love when that happens!)

I tried to pick fabrics that represented the subjects that the particular teacher taught.  (ie. music for the band teacher, geometry fabric for the math teacher.)  Each flower turned out just slightly different that the others, with makes them look personalized as well.  I am hoping that they will be well used and hold up through the rigors of Middle School teaching.

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