Teacher Gifts

Wow!  Is just me or did this school year FLY by! My kids have only 7 days of school left!  With that said.  I cannot believe I didn't start the teacher gifts before this week!  I know it shouldn't surprise me.  I have been a procrastinator for years, yet it somehow still amazes me that I am doing things at the last minute.

After Saturdays Etsy party, which in case you wondered went well, I picked up my rotary cutter and went to work.  I decided I needed to make this little 'basket'.  You can find the tutorial here.

This basket is for Emma's teacher.  She hands out Smarties when ever the kids have tests.  (Makes them smarterer)  I am having all of the little 3rd graders write their names in the large white space encircling the bag.

This basket is for Jack's ELA (english, language arts) teacher.

The little froggie print actually said, "leap into reading." prior to being hacked into little 2 inch strips.  In hindsight perhaps it would have been a good idea to make large strips.  Perhaps then one would be able to actually READ it.  But, I did have a really good reason for making the white strips wider.  Jack's class will be signing the white blocks on the last day of class.  Even though they are in 5th grade for the most part their handwriting is still rather large.

These little baskets are made from a tutorial found on the pink penguin.  I have used this pattern before and it turns out very cute.  The only problem is the basket is a little floppy.  This time I added a thick interfacing to the lining of the basket.

Unfortunately, this concludes my teacher making gifts. Everyone else is getting purchased gifts.

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