The Quilting Storm


There has been an Local Quilting Storm Warning issued by the local NQWS.(National Quilting Weather Service)  

At 5 pm local time the NQWS indicated a Quilting Storm Capable of using 2-3 spools of thread per week as well as large quantities of batting.  This storm was located by Doppler radar 11 miles west of Lexington and moving as fast as she could through a large pile of accumulated quilts.

The severe Quilting Storm was last seen producing large free motion quilting flowers and swirls. This storm could produce pantographs at any time.  Caution is advised. This storm will impact the communications in and around Lexington.

This is a potentially addictive storm.  If you are in its path... prepare immediately for lack of breakfast foods and laundry.  Large quantities of coffee are needed to survive this storm.

People outside should move to a shelter... far, far away from the storm.  The potential for this storm to grow is high.

Stay tuned to this blog for the latest information.
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