Baby Birds

All of this talk about learning to fly must have inspired our eggs to hatch.  Everyday Mark insists on doing the watering of this particular hanging basket.  He wants to make sure that the momma bird is safe and that the nest doesn't get wet. (He is such a care giver!) Wasn't he surprised this afternoon when he discovered that three of the eggs had hatched!  I have to say they are pretty ugly when they hatch.
Sorry for the cruddy pictures.  I didn't want to get too close.
Right now the babies are all pink and mostly featherless, with dark blue orbs on tiny heads. I still haven't been able to get a good look at momma bird to identify her.  She does have this peculiar habit of diving out of the hanging basket straight for the ground when we get to close.  Just when you think she is going to go SPLAT. she pulls out of the dive and flies away.  Maybe now that her eggs have hatched she will be so sleep deprived I'll be able to catch her unaware.

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Caty said...

This totally makes me want a bird to nest in my pentunia basket too!! Too cool!