Not all Gloom and Doom

The rain has been spitting at me for days.  I really do not appreciate being spit upon.  This has put a big damper on my mood.  There is just something about rainy days that make you want to crawl back into bed.    Sadly I cannot accommodate that desire nearly enough, although I have been know to succumb to it now and again.

I was feeling pretty gloomy when I went out to get the mail yesterday.  It wasn't really "raining"  and it wasn't really "not raining.  I never know if I should take an umbrella in those situations or just brave it.  I was much to tired to even attempt to locate an umbrella.  (Why is it that I am tripping over them when I don't need them, yet when I do I can never find them?)

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my mail box and found my newest order of Kona Solids had arrived.  Yeah! My mood most certainly improved.  There is just something so exciting about opening a package even when I know what is in it!  The child in me gets so impatient.  I came in and ripped, or tried to rip open the package.  Scissors, as was pointed out to me by an all knowing teenage, are quite handy.

Look at these lovely colors.  How on earth can you stay gloomy when you are faced with creating something out of these.  These are my contributions to the Generation X blog Kona Colors swap.  I planned ahead, (surprise, surprise,) and purchased 12 fat quarters to use with the swap and 12 to keep.  Now I just need an equally cheery quilt pattern to show off these brights!
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