Quilting "In the Memory"

I've spent the last few weeks since Thanksgiving completing a custom order for 2 t-shirt quilts.  My client was having two t-shirts made for family.  His older brother had past away this fall and he sent me his items to have made into a quilt.  I must admit I was honored to have been trusted with this task.  I was not however prepared for how difficult it was going to be for me to cut up the clothing.  It was a daunting task to look at these items that meant so much to his man.  I believe I just looked at the shirts for days, worried about how to start.  I had a pattern, that was not the problem.  The problem as I saw it was that, These used to belong to someone. These were special to the family of this man.  Now, I was responsible for preserving the memory of him in fabric.  HEAVY STUFF

Eventually I just jumped in and started cutting.  Once the shirts were cut up I could just look at them as fabric and things proceeded quickly.  I am proud of the way these turned out. I can only hope I did the man they belonged to justice.
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