Let us Sew, Let us Sew, Let us Sew.

I have had Christmas Carols running through my head for weeks now.  You really cannot escape the tunes that seem to play constantly from Thanksgiving through Christmas.  It has been helpful keeping me motivated, and in the "holiday spirit."  I find myself humming tunes at random intervals through out the day.  I have worried, only briefly, that at some point while out in public someone else has noticed my humming as well.  Perhaps I only imagined the woman at Wal-mart stepping back ever-so-slightly from me as I loaded groceries onto the belt.  Maybe it is normal for people to choose a longer line rather than stand behind me.

The one song I find myself being drawn back to over and over is the classic Christmas carol Let it snow.  Only in my world I hum, Let us sew, let us sew, LET US SEW ALREADY!  Sewing for many, and I am no exception, is a wonderful form of escape.  It provides a creative outlet, as well as giving one a sense of accomplishment.  As an extra bonus if your sewing machine is loud, as mine is, it provides a means of drowning out the screaming children and the excessive volume of the Wii.

If you stop and think about the lyrics to the song, they really convert quite nicely to any sewing application.  Just take a look.

Oh the weather outside is frightful 
But inside it's so delightful 
And since we've no place to go 
Let us Sew! Let us Sew! Let us Sew!

We don't show any signs of stopping
And my machine, it still is hopping
So, turn up the lights and go!
Let us Sew! Let us Sew! Let us Sew!

When we finally stop for the night
My quilt will be bound and warm! 
If you really don't want a fight 
I suggest you go back to the dorm.

The bobbin is slowly dying
And, my friend the quilt needs tying 
But as long as you love to sew!
Let us Sew! Let us Sew! Let US Sew!

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