the Truth of the matter

This year I had to break down and tell my 11 year old the truth about Father Christmas.  I am always sad when I have to take this step, but I fear my kids will be taunted and teased if they "Believe" when others clearly know the truth.   Being a fifth grader is hard enough.  I was terribly anxious about telling him the truth.  I worried that somehow he will feel betrayed, lied to or even hurt that we kept this secret from him for so long.  Mark was easy.  He took the news well and was quite excited to be able to help keep the secret.  With the thought that Mark took the news well in the back of my mind, I set out to tell Jack.

It just so happens that on Tuesdays Jack has band.  During this drive to practice it is usually just Jack and I.  The perfect time to have a heart to heart. I started out easy, talking about the Holidays and who was coming to visit and who we would see.  I then transitioned quickly to Santa, presents and The TRUTH.  I have to say he took it as well as I could have hoped.  His only response was, "REALLY? How about that,"  and that was it!  Just like that it was over.  With this first Truth over, I decided I would move onto other magical creatures.  I said, "You know, the Easter Bunny isn't really either."  I got an eye roll first.  Then with all the sarcasm of middle schooler he said, "Seriously,  A Giant Bunny that delivers baskets full of candy isn't real?!"  Okay, it appeared he had that one figured out.
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