Knitting a tale

Four GREAT Friends
Once upon a time there were 4 friends.  The lived apart but saw each other often.  Then the friends got married but still they continued to visit.  The men would talk, drink beer, ski and talk of toys to buy.  The women chatted, exchanged recipes and planned trips to far way places.

Watching the tubers
As time went by the couples, as couples often do, expanded.  The families still got together but maybe not quite as often or for quite as long. The men still talked, drank beer and water skied but maybe they were a little slower than they once were and the falls hurt a little more.   The women still talked and planned, but it was mostly about children and meals. Then there was knitting.  And all was well.

Girls tubing
 Years went by and the couples moved from place to place, changed jobs, quit jobs, but friends they still remained.  The visits slowed down and were replaced with emails and Christmas cards. The men still talked but the beer switched to wine and the water skiing was replaced by tubing with toddlers and small children.   The women's talks were infrequent and most of the time interrupted by children.  But the knitting kept on.

The Gang

Between one visit and the next, things went on as thing usually do.  Then one summer visit they stopped and realized how much things had changed.  While the men still skied, they were sore afterward.  The children it seems had taken over the skiing and tubing.  The women could hold a conversation and remember what they were talking about.  And the knitting, Oh, the glorious knitting!  The women went out and they drank coffee, and they knitted.  They got pedicures and they knitted.  

learning to ski

learning to ski

The children got older and before they new it the oldest was babysitting.  They happened to think, "Hey, we could go out on DATE NIGHT again!"  And so the planning began, the videos were rented and the pizza bought.  Then the women wondered, "Is it wrong to take knitting out on Date night?"  As tempted as they were the knitting remained at home.  The men talked of past times, skiing and boating.  The women talked of food, family and knitting.   And all was well.

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