Hat Trick

Here it is!

So, it's not a hat, it's a shrug.  But it is the third one I have made this summer.   I love, love, Love it when things work out so perfectly.  Unfortunately this was not one of those times.  I mentioned in previous posts that I was knitting these shrugs out of yarn from my stash.  The first two were completed in near record time and with plenty of yarn to spare.  This one, I was not so lucky.

 I new I was in trouble as I neared the final repeat of the pattern.  There I was left with a few choices, none of which I really was excited about.
1. Buy more yarn.  That is all well in good but the point was to use up the yarn in my stash, NOT to add to it.  Besides the chances of finding the same dye-lot and color are slim to none.
2. Rip out the entire thing and re-work the pattern in another yarn.  Not a big fan of the whole ripping back thing.
3. Finish out the sweater and add another color for the sleeves.  Okay, do able but not my favorite solution.
In the end I chose number 3.  While I am not unhappy with the result I really do wish I would have had enough yarn to finish the entire thing.  Regardless, 2 Christmas presents now finished.
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