Folded sling bag

I have to say thank goodness summer is finally winding down.  sigh.  The kids head back to school on Wednesday and I for one am grateful.  I know I will have to adjust to being home by myself, don't worry I'll manage.  

I finished the Tutorial for The Folded Sling Bag,   I know you have been anxiously awaiting and here it is the folded sling bag. 

 Being on a self imposed tote making quest.  I have seen many, many, many patterns.  I have, through all my searching only found one sling bag pattern.  I wanted to make a sling bag but didn't want to endure sewing in a zipper.  I also wanted a bag that had a big opening and was big enough to hold a few essentials. 

 This was my first prototype.  I have to say I have had rave reviews from adults and kids alike.  It is a simple pattern that should be great for beginners.  I really cut this pattern down to be as simple as it is cute. 

The Folded Sling Bag Pattern  This pattern is on scribd.com as is the Nesting Basket Tutorial.

I also did a slightly updated and bigger bag for a cutie-pie I know. I think they liked them. This bag has a pocket or two along with a boxed bottom and I hope to have an optional closure figured out soon.  Once I do I will be offering a new tutorial. The messenger bag was from mmmcrafts

*10/6/2010 -  I regret that I have been forced to take this pattern off scribd.com, as they are undergoing some changes that I do not agree with.  I hope to have the tutorial and pattern available for download soon*

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