Why Princesses Do Not Discover New Worlds.

Today is Tuesday Take Home Day. What this means is that all the paperwork the kids have done over the past week, plus any office communications come home. I am flooded with papers of all shapes, colors and sizes. Today was no exception. Jack and Emma were enthusiastic and wanted to show me everything, all at the same time, of course. What would siblings be without the rivalry? Through the chaos, the ever mounting piles of papers and the chattering over this and that I stumbled upon one paper that I wanted to share. It appears that with Columbus Day, Emma's class had a discussion and learned all about sailing the seas with Columbus. After the lesson they were given a ship to color and told to write a paragraph. Their paragraph had to tell if they would or would not like to have sailed with Columbus. This is Emma's (with slight some slight editing for spelling)

I would not liked to sail with Columbus because I could not change my clothes. I would have to drink warm water. It would be disgusting. I would not like to be on a ship with 40 other people. I would not like it one bit!
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