Where we live, we are on a septic system. This is something new to us. We have not lived with the likes of this, and we have much to learn. After along discussion with Jay, the septic guy, who I must say was quite nice and very knowledgeable, despite lacking a few of the more commonly used teeth. Jay said that the misuse of said septic system could result in a "back-up". I was quick to head his warnings.

We went out and bought a front load washing machine. I have heard various reports from people and it seems you either love-'em or hate-'em. Since I have never found true love with an appliance, and the machine continues to do all that I ask of it I am quite happy with mine. The front load washing machines use considerably less water than the normal top-loader (as they are referred to in "the business"). Less water in the septic tank means less chance for the dreaded "back-up" to occur.

The kicker is I tend to do most of my laundry on Saturday or Sunday. That now is no longer possible. I again heed the warnings of Jay, who states most emphatically that the septic system cannot handle 10-12 loads of laundry in one day, even from a front loader. Now, my laundry is spread out over the course of the week. Initially this plan did not sound as horrid as it does now. Now, that I have been doing it for a few weeks I realize the madness of it all. I am doing laundry all the time! Did you hear me? I SAID, ALL THE TIME! This goes against all of my natural procrastinating abilities. I let the laundry build until someone says, I have no clean, "(insert item of your choosing)" and then I resign myself to do laundry. Now, what's the point? Now, I must be proactive. All of the skills I have built up towards putting off my least favorite tasks. All wasted. What good is college if you cannot put to good use all of the skills you learned there? All that money, excuse the pun, down the drain.

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