Graduation towels

This past June my oldest graduated from High School.  (How is this possible?) Since he had lots of friends who were also graduating, go figure?, I had quite a few graduation gifts to come up with.  (Because I wasn't busy enough) I decided to dive head first into whipping up some decorative towels for a few of the girls.

I purchased plain white towels from TJMaxx and this beautiful paisley print from Free Spirit Fabrics.

This is  Patient Paisley in Aqua by April Cornell for those of you who wondered.

I followed the pattern I had from Amy Buttler's book In Stitches.  I ended up adapting the pattern just slightly.  The towels I had purchased had a thick band of white on white stitching (see above picture) that wasn't completely covered with the measurements used in the pattern.  I extended the length just enough to make the paisley print the focal point.

I made 4 sets, a hand towel and a bath towel for each girl.  Overall it was a quick and satisfying project which the Girls LOVED.


Beach Bag

This summer I made 2 of these Beach Bags from the Sew4home.com pattern Day at the Beach.

 My siblings and I decided to do a family trip to the beach this summer.  With my son, the oldest grandchild at 18 and my brother's daughter at 16 months it was quite an adventure.  It was the first time we had all been together in several years.  It was wonderful to hang out, talk, have dinner together and let all of the cousins play.  Even the adults did some playing.  My youngest sister's birthday was just the week before this trip.  As a crafty person I knew she would enjoy this beach bag.

I found this cute pattern, Day at the Beach Bag. on  the Sew4home.com website. I used canvas for the top half of the bag as recommended in the pattern.  I didn't have the same fondness for the Cotton & Steel Metallic Canvas so, I chose this cotton and linen blend from  Moda Mixologie in Cosmopolitan ice and Steel blue.

The bag is big enough to fit two or three beach towels in the main compartment.  Sunscreen and a book fit nicely into the front pockets.  And when your not at the beach, it makes a nice hide out for your cats:)


Did you miss me?

Beach Bag
Well, the rumors are true.  I am alive and well. (and still as busy as ever).  According to my calendar I have not written a blog post since March.  Can that be right?  WoW!  Quite a lot has happened since then.

My oldest graduated from High School and is now in College. (how is that possible?). Our beloved exchange student went back to Germany.  Both of the previous two boys were on crutches for different reasons. One school year ended and another began. We went on vacation/family reunion.  My two youngest had pneumonia over the summer, which prompted a host of doctors visits.  Band camp and Summer cross country camp came and went.  We are now back in full school mode and all that it entails.

One thing that didn't change.. I still kept on quilting and crafting.
Here are a few pictures of the things that kept me busy this summer...

Bee Blocks
Coaches Gifts
Beginning quilt class demo

cupcake pincushions
clemson t-shirt quilt
Graduation Quilt

Bee Blocks

Graduation Towels

I will go into more detail on the projects above soon.(plus a few more projects who's photos escape me;)