quilted stockings for all...

There is no doubt that Christmas is a busy season here, as it is everywhere.  Why then do I make it busier by taking on extra projects?  Every year it's the same story.  I decide to make extra teacher gifts or gifts for family or friends all right before Christmas in the midst of all the Christmas chaos.  This year was not an exception.

I stared this project all the way back in October.  In October I had plenty of time, Christmas was after all 2 months away.  Then it was November and the pressure started but not so much as to be unbearable. Then before I knew it, Thanksgiving was upon me. I finished up this project with just minutes before St. Nicolas was due to arrive.  Now here it is January already and I am just now posting this!  Crazy Busy.

My inspiration came from Amanda Murphy's Book Modern Holiday.  I loosely followed her pattern for most 5 of the 6 stockings.  My stockings were not as large, did not have a lining and I left out the trim between the cuff and the body of the stocking.  I have to admit my assembly veered far from Amanda's method, mostly due to time constraints.  I had every intention of binding the raw edges within the stocking body, but again time was not on my side.

I made the stockings for John and me from Amanda's hexagon pattern found in her book.  I also used the her pattern for the half triangle pattern for Mark's stocking.  I took the triangles cut from Amanda's templet and arranged them into a pinwheel design for Martin's stocking.  Jack's stocking was made using a triangle die from  my AccuQuilt Go! Baby

Emma's Stocking pattern was was my favorite.  Again the templet was from the Modern Holiday but the construction was all me. Each stocking was made using fabric from Moda, Folk Art Holiday. Each stocking was backed with a different print. I don't know what it was that attracted me to this pattern but I suspect it was the Chickens. LOL.

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