Old hobbies

Well, I did it.  I only took just a little over 8 years.  But this beauty if Finished. Done. Complete!  Woo and a Hoo!

I put the finishing touches on this weekend as we traveled upstate for yet another Soccer game.

I had forgotten how peaceful, rhythmic and fulfilling cross-stitch can be, especially on long car rides. I enjoyed it so much that I have decided to start another.  

Quilty Stitches by LMS

I ran across this Quilty Stitches over on Little Miss Shabby's blog.  She has a complete list the supplies needed including all of the floss colors she used, but you certainly could use any combination that suits you.  Each block has it's own post with a wonderful PDF that you can print out.  What a great way to play with color combinations. 

 Quilty Stitches is a beautiful combination of crossed quilt blocks.  I think it will make a wonderful wall hanging, or pillow or center for a quilt.  How fun would it be to complete a quilt using the Quilty Stitches in a quilt surrounded with quilt blocks using the same pattern!?!

I certainly be contemplating the possible design settings while I am cross stitching this beauty.  I'll let you know what I decide when I finally finish.  Maybe I'll finish this one up in less than 8-10 Year.  Or maybe not...


Quilted Cotton

Here it is my quilt for the AMB Farm to Fabric challenge.

I am sad to report it was not chosen as one of the finalist to be showcased at the Houston Quilt Show. Although I was disappointed that I was not chosen, I had a gut feeling it wouldn't be.  I was really enjoying the quilt as I was sewing the quilt top, and then I wasn't.  It was weird.  I turned a corner one day and WHAM! I hated it.  After quilting this quilt I never really Loved it!  I was happy with it but I didn't feel it was my best work.

Then I tried to photograph it.  Oh my.  I just purchased a new camera and I had quite a lot to learn, not only about the camera but also about taking pictures of quilts.  It is much harder than it looks.  I really had a difficult time just getting the picture straight! LOL.  Perhaps next time I submit a quilt for a quilt show I will have it professionally photographed.



Last weekend the family took off for Atlanta, GA to watch our oldest participate in the Publix Atlanta  Soccer Cup.  It  is always fun to watch the team come together and as a bonus we get to enjoy the city of Atlanta!  We were in the car quite a bit, sitting for watching games and waiting for meals.  How did I ever manage to fill up all of this free time?

Free time, is a bit of an oxymoron.  Don't you think?  As mom our time is rarely free.  And when it is we seem to 'pay' for it one way or another. OK. Rant over.  Moving on.

This weekend as we traveled here and there I took with me a bit of hand work.  This handwork was in the form of a cross stitch that I have been working on for the last 8 years.  Sad, really.  or Really sad. Take your pick.

Now it is back in the rotation.  Hopefully this time I can get finished before tucking it away for another 8 years. HA! Since my sewing machine is once again being uncooperative,  looks like this time it has a better chance.

Emma and I also got creative on the sidelines.  Watching your brother play soccer can be boring.  Watching your brother play 4 games of soccer can be insanely boring when you are 13.  Thankfully she did a awesome job of entertaining herself, until she didn't.  The last game we decided to paint her nails.  Since she has been running Cross Country with the High School team this year, we drew up a little Wildcat inspired paint job.