Go Buckeyes!

Over the last 7 years I have had the privilege of quilting many Ohio State Quilts.  I am always excited to see what type of design layout the quilter has chosen for any type of sports quilt.  This design is one that is so perfectly OSU that I cannot believe I haven't seen it before.   For those of you that don't get follow College football here is a picture of the OSU helmets.

As I understand it the little stickers (buckeye leaves) are given out to the players for various 'good' plays, tackles etc.   

Now here is the quilt.

Brilliant, Right? 

I quilted this sports quilt with basic straightly horizontal lines every 2 inches.  Then I turned the quilt and quilted strategical place lines vertically down the quilt.  Now you see I don't have those little wheel locks that a lot of long-arm quilters use to keep the lines straight.  So how did I do it?  

Little tiny clamps I picked up at Harbor Freight of all places! You can see these clamps are only about 2 inches long.  The perfect size for clamping onto my wheels and keeping the machine from moving forward and backward.  This leaves only the rollers moving left to right, thus a straight line!  Awesome.  I must admit that this wasn't exactly the best case scenario, but in a pinch it worked.
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