A Quilt for Faith

Last week I had the pleasure of quilting this beautiful quilt for a beautiful little girl.  This new quilt will be her for her "big girl" bed and I think she will love it!  The only criteria for the quilting of this beauty was that the quilting be 'girly'.

I used a continuous line design with a leaf in one block followed by a flower.

Then alternated the following row flower then leaf.  Overall I think this design turned out beautifully.
This beautiful quilt had machine embroidered flowers made out of fluffy soft minky.  How Lovely!  The texture it flowers added was the true inspiration for the quilting.  I think the design flows so well throughout the quilt.

I used a small leafed vine pattern to run through the center of the quilt and echoed the embroidered flowers.  The backing was made of Minky and to be honest I wasn't sure how it would quilt.  I have used Minky before on baby quilts but never on a quilt so large.  All that Minky is HEAVY.  Winding the backing on to the machine was quite a task.  Minky quilted perfectly, even if I did have to clean out my bobbin casing quite a bit more than usual.  I have heard of people having thread breaking issues with mink, I however did not have a problem.  I did use a heavy #40 weight thread which I think helped.
the back
It is always a surprise to me to turn the quilt over and see how the back turned out.  I think the free motion flowers and leaves turned out just perfectly for this girly quilt.

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