Easter Basket Surprise--Nail Care Pouch

Happy Easter Everyone!  I hope the Easter Bunny brought everyone lots of goodies.  Our Easter Bunny worked well into the night to bring a Hoppy Easter to our home.  (Perhaps if she had started the Easter Basket Surprises a little earlier she would not have had to stay up so late.  But that is just how we roll or...er.. hop)

This year the Easter Bunny got an idea.  A wonderfully, simple basket addition for each of her three little bunnies.  This year along side the chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, peeps and iTunes Gift cards the Easter Bunny decided a homemade nail care kit was in order.  You see the Easter Bunny knew that all 3 of her little bunnies bit their nails.  She also knew that she had the only set of clippers, files and scissors.  That would never do!  So she decided that each little bunny would have to have a set of  their own.  Shopping she went for all the necessary supplies, clippers files, scissors and all!  Oh! What fun she would have!  She sewed hours into the night to finish these pouches for her little bunnies knowing that they would have the best kept nails in town.  This is how she made them..

Nail Care Pouch-

One pouch will hold nail file, cuticle scissors, finger nail clippers, toe nail clippers, and tweezer.
You will need the following:

Supply List:
1 - 6.5"X13" fabric for exterior
1 - 6.5"X13" fabric for interior
1 - 7"X6.5" fabric for pocket
1 - 6.5"X 13" piece of interfacing
1 - 7" X 14 inch piece of batting
2 -  Dritz brand snaps


1. Fuse 6.5"X 13" piece of interfacing onto wrong side of 6.5" X 13" exterior fabric following manufacturers directions.

2. Layer 6.5"X 13' piece of fabric for interior onto batting, right side facing up.  Be sure to center fabric over batting.  Pin layers together and quilt as desired.  I quilted .75" spaced lines down the length of my interior fabric.

3.  Once batting and interior fabric are quilted trim excess batting away and square up fabric to 6.5" X13".

4. Take 7"X 6.5" inch piece of fabric for pocket and fold in half with right sides together, so that piece measures 3.5"X 6.5".  Pin along 6.5" side and sew to make a tube.  Turn tube right side out and press.  Stitch along folded edge.

5. Place tube on right side of interior fabric. 5 inches up from bottom edge.  This tube will become your pocket.  Pin in place to interior quilted fabric matching raw edges.  Edge stitch down sides and across bottom of pocket.

6. Lay interior fabric with pocket basted on right side up with pocket opening facing up.  Mark along pocket width with fabric marking pen for pocket dividers.  For my dividers I marked lines at  .5 inch, 1.75 inch, 2.75 inch, 3.5 inches, 5 inch and 6 inches at both top and bottom of pocket, making sure lines are square with pocket and interior fabric.  Sew along lines to make dividers for nail tools, back stitching at top and bottom of pocket.  Insure tools fit in each pocket now.  Once interior and exterior sides are sewn you will not be able to easily change divider size.

7.  Turn both interior and exterior fabrics wrong side up with pocket opening facing towards top.  Using a round edge of a glass, templet or lid curve top edges of fabric.  This step is optional.  All four corners can be left square if desired.

8.  Pin interior and exterior fabrics right sides together.  Sew together using .5 inch seam allowance.  Be sure to leave 3 inch opening at bottom of pouch for turning. Clip corners and curved edges.  Turn. Press.

9.  Pin seam allowance under.  Edge stitch around pouch.   Fold bottom of fabric up to make flap. Press.  Fold top edge of fabric down to make second flap.  If desired you can top stitch 2.5 inches down from top edge and .25 inches down from bottom of pocket to create fold lines for pouch.

10.  Attach snaps to top pocket flap and bottom pocket flap as desired.

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