All a Blur

The past few weeks have literally been a blur.  After having surgery (something I'd rather not discuss)  I was on some serious pain meds.  The days seemed as if they flew by.  I did some hand quilting on my Modern Medallion Quilt.  A good quilting friend of mine warned me of the dangers of quilting while on pain medicine.  Did I listen?  Noooo.

My quilting varies greatly from section to section, and not just my stitch length.  The design is mostly stitch in the ditch with a little echo quilting thrown in just for fun.

I  left some rather large areas unquilted.  I moved around the quilt from the center out, mostly.

I added some stripes through the patchwork border, not that they all go the same direction. :)

Since all my stitches were different lengths, I continued the trend.  Should be an interesting finish.

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