This week came in went in pieces, at least those that I remember.  I know I cut fabric into many, many pieces.  I also picked up lots of pieces.  (Most of these being pieces of other people's clothing.) I even sewed together a few pieces.  Thankfully, I am not falling to pieces, yet.  It does appear as though this week will remain in pieces (That's what I get when I brag about getting sewing done on the weekend).  Apparently these projects can only be completed next week.  Here are a few of the pieces I have laying around my sewing room.

rainbow road strips

Pieces of my Rainbow Road Quilt for the Stitched in Color online course.

Pieces of my Drunkards Path trivet (also a Stitched in Color project)

Pieces of my Irish Chain Quilt laid out to admire.  Ah well, maybe next week I'll be picking up the pieces and making completed objects.
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