Getting my Groove Back.

This week I have been busy, busy, busy.   I went through January wanting only the comfort of sitting and knitting.  Just the thought of sewing gave me a headache.  All I wanted to do was knit.  I don't know if it was the cooler weather or just a much needed hiatus but I absolutely needed a break from quilting.

I posted some of  my finished projects just recently.  Besides those I am working on a felted bag and a toy hedgehog (second attempt). The first hedgehog toy was seriously mangled in a dog attack. Okay, Mr. Hedgehog wasn't actually harmed in the making of this toy. Ginger has however, declared the toy hers.

This week I got my quilting groove back.  After a month long hiatus, when I did sit down to sew this week I was full of vigor.  Ideas were pouring out of me.  It's amazing!  I pulled out a few pieces left over from this quilt....

You may remember I made this quilt for Emma's bed.  After swearing off set-in-seams for the rest of 2010-2011 I am finally ready to jump back in.  I sewed together these 'flowers' this week.

 Now the question is, do I make a quilt that is in the shape of a hexagon, a square or a rectangle?  It might even make a nice circular quilt...hmm?

I also have a custom quilting job I have been working on.

This Penn State quilt stumped me for a few days.  I just wasn't sure what to quilt on it.  I thought of all the usual patterns but nothing said, "Quilt Me"  I started searching the quilting sites for continuous line designs that would give me inspiration.  I ran across a pattern that was called 'popcorn'  and I knew it was the one.  I don't know if my quilting looks more like popcorn or cauliflower.

Regardless I am happy with the results.   I left the fabric strips with the Penn State applique white quilting them with a basic meandering in white thread.  I thought this would help the wording to stand out.

Next week starts the online Curves Class I am taking over at Stitched in Color.  I am looking forward to learning some new tricks and making some great projects!
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