Thank You

I am feeling a little like ranting and raving today.  I am annoyed at the lack of respect the Thank You Note is receiving.  Don't get me wrong, I am not looking for praise or fishing for complements. Just the acknowledgement that the gift was received would be awesome.  Here it is the end of January and I still have not heard from a few of the people I sent Christmas gifts.  The saddest part, most are family members.

I really don't care if I get a voicemail, email, hand written letter, even a passenger pigeon would be nice. (oh, except they are extinct.) maybe an owl.  Just some sort of "hey, got your present. Thanks!"  How hard is that.  Even the automated gas pump down at Piggly Wiggly says,"Thank You" after I hand over my life savings.   As technology continues to advance and accelerate the novelty of a hand written letter is bound to fade. I am not expecting even that much of a response, but it is nice when those do arrive. I for one prefer them over bills.  One would think a present, especially a handmade gift would be worthy of at least a Facebook posts.

I once spent a knitting group session discussing, with other knitters, the honor of receiving a handmade gift.   One knitter stated, 'Receiving a hand made gift is a true testament of your love for the other person.'  Think of the hours upon hours spent just preparing to make the gift. This preparation solely spent in devotion to that one recipient.  Then the gift is lovingly assembled, expertly or not.  That entire time, the crafter was devoting to you, the recipient.  Time is a precious commodity these days particularly to those of us with children, husbands, jobs, Lives, yet we chose to spend our free time thinking, praying, working for you.  Our time is just as valuable.  Yet, ask most knitters who they are making "that" for and I bet you don't get many who say, "Oh, it's for me."

When I was little my grandmothers, both, impressed upon me the importance of a simple Thank You.  Back then, B.C.  (before computers)  you could call or Write.  Even if the person who gave you the gift was sitting next to you when you opened it, it was still proper etiquette to write a note of Thanks.  Several times over the course of my childhood I remember being badgered, reprimanded and drilled into writing a Thank You note.  Still to this day I sit down, my children sit down and write a note to the giver.

I don't mean to go all "Miss Manners" on you, just remember, to take the time to sit down, write a note or and email and say. "Thanks." the next time you get a gift.
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