Quick Yoga Mat

Last week I had a Yoga Retreat.  I realized at the last minute that I still had yet to purchase a yoga mat.  Ugh. Not wanting to go out for one more thing, I searched the web for a yoga mat pattern.  There were very few patterns, actually I only found one post.  The basic formula seemed simple enough, Fabric, batting, thread and non-slip rug mat.  Imagine my surprise when I realized I actually had all of the supplies in my sewing room.  Not only that but I had a practice quilt that had been lying around for years. 
Believe it or not I quilted this quilt before I ever had a machine.  This was a practice quilt I had used when borrowing a Long-arm machine from a friend.  I love the colors and the fabric, but the quilting was AWFUL.  It is a mis-match of practice patterns.  Everything from stippling to Halloween to echoing.  Being one of the first quilts I ever quilted I had a slight attachment to it and had been toting it around for 4 or 5 years.  This was the perfect opportunity to use it for something I love.
I cut the excess batting and backing away.  I trimmed the quilt down to 24"X68".  Added a few circular pieces of non-skid rug padding to the back side.  I just top stitched the circles directly to the quilt. I figured the quilting couldn't get that much worse. Right? I used my walking foot to ease the non-skid pieces through the machine.  (they were totally not kidding when they say non-skid).  I pinned the the circles down using the pins as a guideline for turning as I stitched.

After a quick binding.  Voila! I had a Yoga mat for class.


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