Whew!  The stamping is finished.  All told I stamp just over.... I don't know I didn't count them, but trust me it was a great deal of stamping.  I was rather frustrated with my inaccuracy.  First, I tried to eyeball them, (just channeling my inner slacker)  then I moved on to using a ruler, which worked much better, but still not exactly what I thought it should be.  When I was totally and completely at wits end Jack happened upon my stamping area, aka the kitchen counter.
 "Look at this Jack." I scowled.  "My stamps don't line up!  You would never be able to stack any legos on top of these stamps.  My bricks suck."  To which Jack replied.  "Mom, they don't suck.  It doesn't matter if they line up perfectly.  This quilt is an artistic interpretation of Lego bricks.  What matters is the emotion that you invoke from the viewer.  The image that they see needs to take them somewhere, make them experience being a child, remember the love that Legos brought into their life."  

Okay, no he didn't really say that.  What he said was "Mom, That Looks Awesome!"  Which was way better than the first and exactly what I was looking for.
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