When my cousin asked me to make a quilt for her son for Christmas, I knew immediately the perfect pattern.  Wee Wonderfuls blogger, author and general creative master Hillary Lang, created this LEGO Quilt for her Son this past March.  When I ran across it I knew I needed to make it.  My son, Jack, has an entire closet devoted to Legos, seriously I should have bought stock in the company.  I thought that someday I would be making it for him.  (and I still may be after he's seen this quilt).

Hillary created a templet for her quilt out of actual Legos, quite impressive.  I thought having a resident Lego-manic would make the design process easier.  Silly me.  He apparently is far to busy designing his own Lego items.  Rather than making the entire quilt random placement of blocks.  I decided to design 2 separate blocks of the same size. With graph paper in hand I set out. After a few consultations regarding the appropriate Lego colors and sizes, this is what I ended up with.
I cut copies the two blocks multiple times and came up with a pattern that was approved by the Lego-manic himself.  After several days of cutting and sewing I have this semi-finished product.

Not the best picture.  Sorry.  Now the really difficult part.  Carving the Lego logo stamp.  I had never carved a stamp before and boy is it harder than it looks on youtube!  After 6 attempts I came up with 2 not great but good enough stamps.

Now I am off to stamp, stamp, stamp away.  Keep you updated.

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