Exercise is bad for me

Over the past 3 years I have been walking about 1-2 miles every day. It has been a great way to keep in shape and helps to get me out of the house. I take Ginger out with me and John, when he's home and we all have a lovely time. I decided recently that my body needs a revised workout. I logically concluded that since I have been doing the same workout for 3 years that I am not getting the same benefit from that distance that I once did.

Therefore I have stepped up my workout. I have begun walking faster, farther and more furiously than before. I have thrown in a few sprints and even added push ups and sit-ups, just for the sake of insanity. I have discovered that My LOGIC SUCKS.

I hear people talk about endorphins and the rush you get after a hard workout. People talk about how good they feel and how much better they look. The media bombards me with beautiful people in skimpy clothing smiling and happy telling me how good they feel after working out with this machine or at that gym. I have come to the conclusion that they are all lying.


1. I have no rush of endorphins, no extended energy level. I am tired, grouchy and mostly exhausted.
2. After 2 weeks my legs are sore, I have a big nasty blister and a pain in my neck that is not being caused by my 13 year-old.
3. I consume, on a daily basis, my weight in coffee due to reason 1.(Okay so I did that before but it still isn't good for me.)
4. My kids ask, and sheepishly I might add, "What time are you going for a walk?" And they say things like, "It's okay, we'll be fine if you need to go for a late walk today." Note to self, Check chocolate stash after next walk.
5. The dog has begun to hide my shoes.
6. I actually contemplated buying and wearing work-out clothing.

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