Egg-cellent Easter!

Happy Easter!

I don't know how long it has been since I last blogged but it seems to me to have been WAY too long. A lot has been going on here as I am sure has been with many of you. Visitors have come and gone, 2 sets. Middle School quarter exams have been taken, soccer tournaments gone to and one quite irritating dog continuously, even after the installation of invisible fence, chased endlessly around the neighborhood.

I was able to get some pictures of the Easter Holiday to share.

Here the kids are dying their Eggs for the Bunny to hide. We had a number of beautiful eggs and the annual brownish-green camo colored egg that comes from dipping said egg in every single dye color. I am truly amazed that they continue to do this year, after year. One would think that the concept would have sunken in, it is always going to come out brown. However, in the true optimism that is childhood they continue to wait for a miracle of color to happen.

Ginger has been pouting the entire week. She is not at all happy about the aforementioned invisible fence. This however does not mean it stops her rampages about the neighborhood, it only adds an element of pain to the adventure. Yes, she has escaped at least 3 times once, digging under the fence in the back. She has become quite the escape artist.

We went out to brunch on Easter Sunday at the new Marina and Beach club we found here. It was a beautifully hot and sunny day with temperatures near 90 degrees. We enjoyed sitting outside and having brunch while listening to the complaints and whines of our children. I am not sure why we bother sometime. We set out to have a nice relaxing day celebrating the holiday, only to have complaints mount in a pile before us. I tried my best to ignore the complaints and enjoy the beautiful day. My efforts were thwarted by the marina packed with people and the slowness of the kitchen. I, being both hungry and annoyed, drilled into my children with all the frustration that motherhood brings with it. I then proceeded to feel guilty for my raging. I fear that in respects to eating out with my children, I too, have the optimism of childhood egg dying and hope that with each outing I will not end up with a brown camo egg.
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